Food Pantry

We are the primary food pantry for all of Crawford County.  It is open weekday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:30pm and is staffed by volunteers.  Families who qualify for assistance are allowed to receive supplemental food once a month.  The application process includes verification of residence, numbers of persons in the household, verifying IDs for adults and proof of residency (medical card, birth certificate, school records) for all those in the household and proof of income.  Effective immediately, each month, clients must bring proof of residence and income.  The food pantry is supported by United Way, food drives, the EFSP grant and private donations.



Starting in June, we try to provide fans to our clients who qualify.  We have to have all required documents to receive a fan. This is an expensive program and donations would be greatly appreciated.  

Christmas Distribution

Christmas distribution is another HUGE project at Wesley House.  We start making plans for Christmas in August.  It is one of our largest special projects and requires a large amount of volunteers. We work in collaboration with the Salvation Army yearly.  Wesley House provides generous boxes of food and the Salvation Army provides toys. This partnership has proven to be very good for the community as well as those who receive assistance.  

Rescue Rx


There is a new prescription program available at Wesley House called Rescue Rx.  We are able to offer this new program to eligible clients who are at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. This new program is facilitated by Lou Ann Colyer, Family Stability Case Manager.  Fifty clients will receive one-time assistance with maintenance medication or emergency medication for up to $100.  No narcotics will be purchased through this program.  This is by appointment only.  Potential clients must bring all of their prescriptions, work with Lou Ann to create a budget and sign a HIPPA agreement.   An additional 10 clients will be able to receive up to two additional months of prescription medication for up to $100.00 after they attend either the budgeting class or the Bring Your A Game to Work class. For more information, please call 620-232-3760 ext. 201.  This program is made possible by the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas.















Cozy Kids


During the winter months, as long as funding is available, coats are available to children 0-18 yrs.  If they are 18, they must still be in high school.  We do take referrals from other organizations and schools.  We do follow our normal application guidelines to qualify.  Cozy Kids is made possible through a grant from the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas.  

Commodity Food Senior Program


Crawford County has just been approved by the State of Kansas and USDA to receive CFSP food boxes for low income seniors ages 60 and over.  Boxes are distributed monthly at Wesley House.  Seniors must enroll and qualify to receive the food box.


Identification Support Project


     This program assists indiviudals, who qualify for the program based on income, to be eligible to receive any documentation needed to secure employment and housing.  This program will pay up to $50 for 100 quailified individuals to receive all documents needed including birth certificate, Kansas Driver's License or state issued ID Card and Social Security card.  Our homeless day shelter clients will have first priority.  This project is made possible by the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas

Operation Smile


This project will allow us to help eligible clients receive assistance with tooh extractions and cavities at CHCSEK. Vouchers are available during food pantry hours, 1-3:30pm Monday-Friday.