Hillary Houston received a Masters in Business Administration from Pittsburg State University and has worked in the southeast Kansas area for over 20 years. After moving here to attend college, Houston stayed in the area and focused her career working with people in our community. Working in different capacities and having established connections along with a strong financial skillset, Houston will be able to continue to create community partenerships benefiting Wesley House. 


Houston is the ninth executive director of Wesley House. As administrator, she oversees the outreach mission and is responsible for all fund-raising, grant writing and public relations efforts. She also supervises the mission’s staff and volunteers. 


"We really have a great community. Now being at Wesley House, I have recognized the tremendous effort put forth by an amazing group of talented staff, volunteers and our community. Their collective skills and passions are unmatched and I appreciate their dedication to our work and look forward to leading Wesley House to a bright future alongside them."


Her employment is paid by the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. 




Some Wesley House clients already know Kelly from her previous staff position with Catholic Charities here. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Pittsburg State University and over 20 years of experience working with people in need, Kelly is a perfect fit as Wesley House Homeless Case Manager. She began working for the outreach mission in September 2015.


As Homeless Case Manager, Kelly oversees the homeless day shelter program. She provides skillful, ongoing case management and otherwise assists clients experiencing homelessness. Kelly delights in serving, whether it’s fixing a daily nutritious breakfast and lunch for enrolled day shelter participants, helping them with computer access or offering gentle, patient encouragement and stability.


Her vision is to continue ministering to people experiencing homelessness as they come, in every way possible.  


“I want to help them through their difficult times,” she said. “I’m very focused on that.”  Kelly’s employment is funded by an Emergency Solutions Grant from the United States federal government. She lives in the area with her husband and their three dogs.





Ms. T provides Wesley House with an organized and efficient way to retrieve, process and store donated and purchased foods. Her time management in picking up donated foods, getting it sorted and into our warehouse has proven to be efficient while minimizing waste. Ms. T also inputs collected food data which allows her to gain insight on which foods are needed to ensure families in the community continue to receive as much helathy foods as possible. 


Ms. T always knows what foods are in the warehouse and keeps the rotation, inventory and safety measures in check. She has volunteers to assit with these tasks and does great with educating and ensuring all regulations are met. 


Ms. T has lived in the area for many years. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family. 





John has worked with the Wesley House in different capacities. However, recently John has been added to the team as our Custodian to ensure our building is a place where people can come for services while being healthy and safe. John is always busy during his work day. He not only maintains the routine cleaning regimine but has also taken on the extra precautions required due to COVID-19. 


John is always friendly and willing to help wherever needed. He often will help with nonfood donated items, making sure they are received and stored appropriately. John does a great job making sure our building is clean, orderly and safe. John lives in the area with his family and dog.