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Kelly has been apart of Wesley House outreach mission since 2015. She began working with Wesley House clients in her previous position with Catholic Charities, then accepted a position with Wesley House as a Case Manager for our homeless service program. Kelly has been a vital part of developing the homeless service program and has significantly impacted the lives of many folks who are challenged with homelessness in our community.  In 2021 Kelly accepted the Operations Manager position with Wesley House and we look forward to having Kelly in this position. Having her experience and expertise, we will be able to grow our targeted programs by identifying and working on addressing the needs within the most vulnerable folks throughout our community. 


Kelly received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Pittsburg State University and has over 20 years of experience working with people in need. This has made Kelly a perfect fit for Wesley House and serving the mission. Her vision is to continue ministering to people experiencing homelessness as they come, in every way possible and see through through the hardships that may accompany once housing in obtained. Kelly has been a stable, patient, encouraging support for many clients. Seeing them through the phases beyond homelessness is imperative and this truly represents what our mission is here at Wesley House. 


Whitney has worked with Wesley House some over the last couple of years and is excited to serve the community and address food insecurity. If you see the Wesley House van-as we call her, "The Ellie"- cruising around town, it's likely Whitney is on her way to rescue food from one of our partnering grocery stores.  Whitney assures all food, whether donated, rescued, or received from The Kansas Food Bank, finds a home.



John has worked with the Wesley House in different capacities. However, John was added to our team as our Custodian during the pandemic. He ensures our building is a place where people can come for services while being healthy and safe. John is always busy during his work day and his job is never done. He not only maintains the routine cleaning regimen but has also taken on the extra precautions required due to COVID-19. 


John is always friendly and willing to help wherever needed. He often will help with donated items, making sure they are received and stored appropriately. John does a great job making sure our building is clean, orderly and safe. John lives in the area with his family and dog. 


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